My Christmas present

While it is snowing or raining in my hometown, we enter the summer down here. My first birthday in shorts and celebrated with a barbecue, Christmas and New Year’s Eve on the beach, everything is very new. I am still not in a Christmas mood and I don’t know if I get there in time. 19 years being accustomed to a cold and at best a snowy December and January is a lot and therefore I am a little confused right now. When I walked over the campus of the “Universidad Católica” in Santiago, I saw Jesus break sweat in his crib at 35 degrees temperature. You don’t believe me?  Here is the picture. Wait…Where is Jesus? I think some students saved the poor guy.


Obviously for the people here a warm Christmas is normal, so they have no problem in buying Santa Clauses and all the other snowy decoration stuff while transpiring like marathon runners. The malls are overrun and consumerism is at its pike. At least this seems to be something that everyone can agree on. Well, we have to reach concordance on some much more urgent matters too. “The door to reach two degrees is about to close. In 2017 it will be closed forever.” The chief economist of the International Energy Agency is talking about the possibility to maintain global warming at 2 degrees Celsius. Many scientist already consider this increase in temperature as an extinction level event for many species. I was overwhelmed when I read this for the first time. While I’m applying to university, possibilities to initiate a change of course are already slipping away. So is it going to be too late when I leave university? I don’t know, perhaps I should study space engineering. Naomi Klein, author of the book “This Changes Everything”, makes a very promising proposition: “The urgency of the climate crisis could form the basis of a powerful mass movement, one that would weave all these seemingly disparate issues into a coherent narrative about how to protect humanity from the ravages of both a savagely unjust economic system and a destabilised climatic system.” Even if you want to contribute to saving the environment by changing your buying habits for example, perfectly executed marketing strategies often do not give you much room for this. The difference in price between mass-produced and local artisanal goods stands as one of the biggest obstacles. Furthermore, with corporations like Heinz and Monsanto owning great parts of the bio industry, you often support the monsters without being aware of it.

Deregulated capitalism, our current economic system, allows the global players to block our attempts such as law suits and legal changes with billions and billions of dollars. Naomi Klein came up with the idea to use the weight of the climate crisis to fight for a social and economic change too. I think this is material to think about if we want to continue celebrating Christmas on Earth. I invite you to read Klein’s book, because it proposes some very feasible solutions. We have to act now and together!

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a great start into 2018 ! 
Let’s not be responsible for the closing of more doors ! 


tarjeta navidad 2017_SLb.jpg
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us all!