The marimba arrived !

On the 6th of December, right in time with the Luxembourgish “Kleeschen”, the marimba arrived in the EPA after almost four month of waiting time. I want to shortly summarise this project for those who are reading about it for the first time. When I knew that I was going to do a voluntary service in the EPA, I thought about something that I could donate to the school. Finding out that they had no melodic percussion instruments, I was sure that I could do something about that and I set up “The Marimba Project”¬†, a Facebook page to call for donations. In August we had already exceeded the needed amount of money and immediately when I arrived we finalised the order of the Adams MSPV43 Marimba here in Chile. I want to thank at this point each and everyone who made it possible with their generous decisions to buy such a wonderful instrument. We will start in January with a “Iniciaci√≥n a la marimba”, an introduction course within the framework of the summer school/workshops. The instrument allows me to work with two students at the same time, which accelerates the process of establishing this instrument in the school. I already played the instrument at the end-of-the-year presentation as you can see in the picture below. On the 28th December we are organising a “Conversatorio”, an event where I will present the instrument and play the marimba in some different musical contexts.

I can’t thank you enough ! Keep supporting causes like this !



The ultimate step of the assembling: adjusting the bars
The little ones are already advancing to the 4-mallets-technique !