One year: Ready, but for what ?

About a year and a half ago, I decided to not continue on the usual path of a Luxembourgish high school graduate, which I became in June. The very protected and predetermined environment in school and the routine that inevitably came with it, started to bother me. It actually annoyed me to the point that I decided to not immediately enter the next preset framework, university.  I felt the need to take the “famous” gap year. However instead of traveling, I really wanted to become a part of something, of a community and/or a project. This time though, the work of integrating oneself, of gaining trust and getting to know one’s environment should be done by myself and not by my parents (not that they haven’t done a great job so far), not by a school system and its teachers. I need to do something on my very own and what better way to achieve this new goal of mine than with a voluntary service. The idea of contributing to better world was always very important to me. The taste of going abroad came with my first “solo” trip to New York City to participate in a Drum Workshop. This unique experience boosted my will to leave Luxembourg, my little home country.

With my mom and dad working for the NGO “Niños de la Tierra” for as long as I can remember, I was in the right place to find a project that would fit perfectly for my voluntary year. And I found it: the “Escuela Popular de Artes” (EPA on Facebook) in Viña del Mar, Chile. Starting at the age of six, making music became my passion and it has filled up my life since then. As I wanted to be able to share as much as possible during this one year, the EPA is the right place for me to do my voluntary service or at least I think so right now.

Waiting right now here in Paris to board the plane to Santiago de Chile, I think I’m ready, but for what ? Well, tomorrow I will start to find out and I’ll share as much about it as I can with you !