T-24 … nooooo

I can’t and I don’t want to believe it! First of all, we’re July 1st which means I got exactly 24 days left here in Chile. After an 9-months uninterrupted stay here in Latin America and one year in total, I can’t really imagine leaving this place in 24 days. Too normal has it all become. Walking the same routes to the music school, taking the 205 to get down to Viña and Valpo, Alexis dropping me off at home after a long day of work, all this has become, perhaps too much of, a routine.  I don’t know! I wanted an adventure and at some points I got one, but I sometimes think it was too easy. I adapted well and fast, got to know a lot of really great people and it was simply a wonderful year. Should there have been more obstacle or challenging situations? I don’t know, but perhaps it was not that tough because I came well-equipped and by that I don’t mean my  Jack Wolfskin fleece, I was talking about in my very first post. By the way, they robbed me that one in February. What I mean are the skills to interact with people, to make music, to change and adapt, etc. You learn these from your parents, at school or from experience. Last week while sipping a beer together, a 32-year-old friend of mine said: “You have experienced more in your life then we all together in ours!”. My reflex was to deny this, which I did. Mostly because I think, the fact that they were all at least 10 years older, made it impossible for me to affirm her statement. It got me thinking, though. I had loads of opportunities in my life where I learned great things. Many of those opportunities were so common in the society were I’ve grown up, that I didn’t perceive them as such. Here in Chile, where a great deal of the population is failed by a savage neo-liberalistic system that robs them of opportunities, I reconsidered! For example, I came again to the conclusion, that I took the right decision when I accepted my university offer for Development Studies. It’s a great opportunity and I am willing to follow that path all the way to the end, where I hope I will have learnt something to help some people. I would never stop making music, but it’ll be more in the background now.

In 24 days my voluntary service is going to come to an end and it will probably become the richest experience I’ve had in my life. I’m very grateful to everybody who has been a part of this. It is the end to my 9-month uninterrupted stay here in Latin America, it is the end to my year as a volunteer in the wonderful “Escuela Popular de Artes”, but it is definitely not going to be the end of the many great friendships I have here in Chile. I will come back as soon as possible! I can assure you, that is a way more solid promise than the one I made to you about keeping up the work here on my blog. Alexis, my great friend always says: “Yo prometo hasta que cumplo!”. “I promise as long as it needs me too fulfil those promises” would be a translation. So as I said in the January, February, March and the future post, I’m going to write for sure some more posts about my time here in Chile and I would love you to read them.

Un abrazo,

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