January, February, March and the future

Via this post I’m resurfacing after three months of absence and I don’t really have an excuse for that. Though there are some general reasons why it doesn’t just take me 5 minutes to write a post here. When I’m writing for my blog, I want to do it thoroughly. Why that? Why just not write a little something about what I’m doing here, 12,000 kilometres from home to keep you entertained? Although there are some very powerful people putting whatever they want on the Internet (actually I’m thinking of that person with the strange haircut), I want to be more cautious. Everybody who is writing for an audience should put some thought and energy in it. Another reason is me using this platform to improve me written English because I wanted to and I’m going to study in England. After submitting my application on January 15th, I was fortunate to receive offers from Aberdeen, St Andrews, Sussex and Manchester. The courses I applied for are all related to development issues. Those four offers left me with a difficult decision to take as I never had expected to get to chose between all those great universities. A week ago though, I confirmed my place at the University of Manchester on the Development Studies course. So for those who had there doubts of me making it out of Chile can be relieved now. Having this new adventure set up makes leaving the current one in July not easier, but it gives me a new challenge that I’m willing to embrace with all my energy.

Four months I was absent here on my blog, more than the time I have left here in Chile. My flight to Luxembourg is on July 24th giving me exactly three more months. Be assured I will make them count. I don’t want to look back yet, but I’ll make an exception for you, at least for the three month I let you in the dark. I will publish three separate posts for January, February and March, because there was a lot going on (I said I was busy). In January, my dear friend and fellow musician Laurent Peckels paid me a visit during which we travelled to San Pedro de Atacama and realised a great workshop within the EPA’s summer school program. My dad and his friend Claude found their way to Chile in February. We visited the marvellous south of Chile and mastered some unforgettable adventures. At the end of that month I travelled with Antonia, one of the three German friends I met on my first flight to Chile, to Bolivia where we were confronted with a really different vibe. Between these two trips I was deprived of all my documents because of a robbery in Santiago, but I got lucky because 24 hours later, a very generous woman found them and gave them back to me.
So you see there was some stuff going on in this period of the dark ages here on my blog. As mentioned, I will fill those blanks with three separate posts and I assure you, you don’t have to be as patient as before.

See you very soon!
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