We’re on the way to Luxembourg !

Here we are ! We almost completed the first week of our two weeks tour here in Europe with the “Orquesta Latinoamericana de la Escuela Popular de Artes” from Achupallas, Viña del Mar. We played a fantastic concert in the KulturWerkWissen and we’re ready to bring the latin flow and groove to Luxembourg !

Evelyn, Gabriela, Francisca, Belén, Tomas, Lucas B., Giordano, Lucas Y., Aaron and Camilo are the ten students representing the mesmerizing project of the EPA. The musical direction of the orchestra lies in the hands of Alexis Castañeda y Antonio Vargas and I’m the lucky bastard who’s got the chance to be part of this amazing two weeks tour in Germany and Luxembourg. I helped arranging the musical themes, working on them with the ten “chiquillos y chiquillas” and preparing them in all possible ways for this great journey. Furthermore I coordinated and helped organize the tour from Chile with Luxembourg and Germany. There are many more hands involved in this and they all deserve a big “THANK YOU”! Christian, the director of the EPA and the rest of the EPA’s team, Nazareth, Sole, Gabi, Conny and Marcela have invested a lot of time and energy so that this can become a great experience for the 10 students. In Luxembourg and Germany too, are a lot of people who have got my highest admiration for their indispensable work on this tour.

As in my last blog post, I urge you to come see, listen to and support this great orchestra representing the “Escuela Popular de Artes” from Achupallas, Viña del Mar. Below you will find all the exact dates !


22. October 2017 – 18:00   Welcome-Party (+Jam Session) @Youth Hostel Echternach

24. October 2017 – 17:00   After Work Concert @Conservatoire de Nord Ettelbruck

25. October 2017 – 19:50   Concert @Chateau de Bettembourg

28. October 2017 – 19:00   Final Concert @Trifolion Echternach


BE THERE ! Hasta luego David !

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