Gira 2017 del Orquesta Latinoamericana

Yet again, I haven’t reached out to you in a long time and this is one of the reasons why. We are in the hot phase of preparing the tour of the “Orquesta Latinoamericana” to Luxembourg and Germany. I am keeping myself busy with arranging the pieces, working with the students and coordinating this great project with Luxembourg. First I had doubts about coming back to Luxembourg, because I actually signed up for an entire year abroad and I was attached to the symbolic value of this year. Opinions of ex-volunteers, of my “preparation team” and of friends and family were divided. Although I will only be able to confirm this afterwards, I get the feeling that I took the right decision.  At least in terms of integrating myself quickly here in the EPA, it was the right choice. From experiences with all kinds of orchestra and music camps, I knew being part of this project and coming back to Luxembourg and Germany for two weeks would be the perfect stepping stone to have smooth start in my new working environment. It turned out to be the right thinking. I’m really looking forward to share some memorable moments with everyone participating in this intercultural exchange and to underline once again that great things can happen when people work together, show solidarity and  commit themselves to do some good !

Now we are getting to the part where everyone should take out their calendar, their iPhone 12345678X or a post-it to write this dates down and make sure that they put at least one in there schedule.


19. October 2017 – 19:00   Concert @Kulturwerk Wissen


22. October 2017 – 18:00   Welcome-Party (+Jam Session) @Youth Hostel Echternach

24. October 2017 – 17:00   After Work Concert @Conservatoire de Nord Ettelbruck

25. October 2017 – 19:50   Concert @Chateau de Bettembourg

28. October 2017 – 19:00   Final Concert @Trifolion Echternach


BE THERE ! Hasta luego David !

Flyer EPA A5webPlakat Echternach webPlakat Orchester Latina EPA_A3NINOS_A3_web

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